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Alpha Company works with the Sarasota County Veterans Commission, Sarasota National Cemetery, MOTS and many other county services to promote the Vietnam Veterans and all Veterans.

Alpha Co. Honor Guard has provided Honor Guard service to many of the Indigent Funerals at the National Cemetery, Parades, Sand Sculpting Ceremony's, ROTC programs, The Vietnam Traveling Wall, Stand-Down Program to help the homeless and many more.

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Alpha Co. helps local services like MOTS which sends packages to our service man, we host booths at events to provide information to Veterans regarding VA benefits, we meet our returning soldiers to honor them and welcome them home, we do Flag Burning Ceremony's, we do Relay for Life a cancer fund raising event and so many more.

During the year Alpha Co. presents Awards for Outstanding ROTC Members, we judge ROTC Team competitions, and we visit schools to speak to students about the Vietnam War.

The Vietnam Brotherhood has many annual events like our annual Male Review, Christmas Party, Thanksgiving Party, Vietnam Brotherhood Picnic. Each company also has there own parties to so that's a lot of parties.

The Vietnam Brotherhood is an in-country, fraternal association of Vietnam Veterans. The Vietnam Brotherhood's organizational purpose is first social.  However, the stated desire of the membership and officers are to help one another support our respective communities through charitable drives and donations as well as support Veterans' rights issues and all other legal activities common to Veterans organizations.

Our goals include:

  • To help each other in our separate Company's

  • To help other Vietnam Veterans

  • To help other Veterans

  • To help our community

  • To educate the public about the true Vietnam Veteran

  • To teach the young, so it does not happen again

  • To be Proud to be in a free nation, under God.

We invite all In-Country Veterans who still remember the brotherhood we once had to re-light the fire. The Vietnam Brotherhood was born to serve you, not for you to become a servant.



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