brotherhood historyThe Vietnam Brotherhood organization was founded by 5 In-Country Vietnam Veterans in 1998 as a Social Organization. The Brotherhood quickly gained members through word of mouth, small organized neighborhood parties and sporting events. Over the years, our involvement has grown and many events have now become part of the neighborhood.


 The stated desire of the membership and officers are to help one another support our respective communities through charitable drives and donations as well as support Veterans' rights issues and all other legal activities common to Veterans organizations.

 Membership in the Vietnam Brotherhood is open to all Vietnam Veterans, their family and anyone who loves his country and supports the interests of the Vietnam Brotherhood.

 Our membership includes In-Country members, Patriot members, Support members and Associate member.

 To join you must be:

 An In-Country Vietnam Veteran, which means you served in Vietnam or in direct support of the effort in the Southeast Asia theater, and received a DD214

 A Patriot member must have prior Military service, and received a DD214.

 Support members are anyone who loves their Country!