Dear God - I am praying to you now as I have in

 the past. Please make these nightmares go away!

 Stop the screams of dying people within my mind.

 Make me whole again in body and in soul. Make

 the pain stop and the scars disappear.

 Forgive me for all the people I've killed - and

 for all the people that I have wanted to kill.

 Please eliminate the bitterness from within my heart.

 Allow me to become a productive member of our society.

 Allow me to know and to freely accept the love of

 my family and friends.

 When I become down and out - with no direction in

 which to go - please show me the way. When the

 evening hours approach, please allow me the privilege

 of a pleaceful night's sleep. When the memories of

 my deceased "brothers and sisters" enter my mind,

 please ease the heartache and remind me that they

 did not die in vain.

 Allow me to freely shed my tears and stand proud

 that I am a "Vietnam Veteran" and there are people

 all around me that truly care. Make me unashamed

 to ask for help if I need it or to offer my help

 to others if they are in need.


 Copyright (c) 1987 Raw Emotions

 - By: George Alfano AKA George Girl  Alpha Co. Vietnam Brotherhood